Parrs Wood Sixth Form College

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

We require all students to achieve a minimum of 5 good passes (grades 4 and higher) at GCSE.

This should include English and Maths. For A level study we require mostly 5s and 6s. Each individual subject has its own entry requirements which we can discuss with you further at our Interview Evening. This usually includes a 6 in a similar subject at GCSE.

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GCSE resits

We can only offer GCSE resits in English Language and Mathematics. The Department for Education requires all young people under the age of 18 to continue to study GCSE English and Maths until at least a 4 is achieved. To provide the best support for this, we timetable lessons for the resit on your timetable and enter either for the November and/or the summer exam. It is because of this that we make above National average progress on our GCSE resit groups.

We rarely consider a student who needs to resit both of these GCSEs due to timetabling restrictions. Our GCSE resit classes are separate to the high school, and are taught in Parrs Wood House (the main College building).

Resit GCSE English Language and Mathematics

Although we accept students who have gained below a 4 in English, not achieving this will narrow your subject choices at college significantly. We do take whether English is your second language into consideration. If a student has above a 4 in English Literature they do not have to gain a 4 or higher in English Language. However, many universities ask specifically for English Language, and not Literature. Therefore we will automatically timetable and enter a student for GCSE English Language if they haven’t yet achieved at least a 4 in this GCSE.

2020 saw another strong year for our GCSE English and Maths resits, Parrs Wood College students are predicted to score 0.77 for the English Language GCSE resit, showing that almost 4/5 students increased by at least one grade.

The Maths score is predicted to be 0.74, showing almost 75% of students increased their Maths GCSE grade by at least one grade.