Parrs Wood Sixth Form College

Medicine / Dentistry Pathway

Medicine / Dentistry Pathway

Ways that we will support your application to study medicine or dentistry

  • One to one meetings to discuss the options into the different routes into Medicine, what’s needed for an application to medicine and what work experience is needed to support an application
  • Support in securing work experience relevant to an application to Medicine
  • Advice on putting together your personal statement
  • Regular reviews of personal statement drafts with recommendations to strengthen this element of the application
  • Arranged workshops with alumni, who are currently studying medicine to share experience of the application and interview process
  • Arranged workshops on medical ethics and preparing for admissions tests
  • Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) practice
  • Recommendations of further reading around the subject being applied for to support preparation for the interview and guidance towards independent research to strengthen the application and support discussion at interview


I found the sessions with Dr Kunawicz extremely helpful, especially her guidance in the procedures of applying to medical school. (Imad Chowdhury - Medicine)




  • Studying: Medicine (MBChB) at the University of Manchester
  • Joined us from: Burnage Academy

  • A levels: Mathematics A*, Biology A*, Chemistry A*


Parrs wood Sixth form was a place which brought the best out of me. The time I spent here helped me learn a lot about myself and about the skills or talents I had but never noticed. Hard work is necessary regardless of where or what you study but proper guidance is necessary to achieve success. Parrs wood sixth form provided that support and guidance which brought me a step closer to my dream of becoming a doctor. I was provided with several opportunities to improve my academic as well as ‘life’ skills because both are equally important. My time at Parrs wood was short but it always felt like a place where I belonged.


I am currently in 2nd Year of Medicine (MBChB) at the University of Manchester.

Medicine is a very broad field with lots of different specialities. I am interested in both Medical and Surgical specialities but have not decided yet which speciality I would like to go into. I’ll be starting the clinical years from next year. My plan is to explore several different specialities in the clinical years so I can decide which path to take after graduating.